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Meet Brandon

Brandon is not just any personal trainer; he’s a relentless, results-oriented mentor whose life mission is to mold you into the powerhouse you aspire to be. He’s the founder of CONDITIONerd, a sanctuary for those who don’t just want to train but transform under extreme rigor.

From his high school days grappling on wrestling mats and charging across football fields to spending nearly a decade within the disciplined ranks of the Marine Corps, Brandon’s been doing more than just building muscle; he’s been crafting resilience. With a black belt in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) and stellar performances in the Marine Corp’s Physical Fitness Tests and obstacle courses, he’s not preaching fitness from the sidelines; he’s lived every drop of sweat.

With over 17+ years pulsing iron in gyms, and certifications that span personal training, sports nutrition, bodybuilding specialization, and corrective exercise, Brandon has armed himself with an arsenal of knowledge aimed at combating the declining health trends among men. This is not your run-of-the-mill fitness drill; this is a fight back to peak condition, led by someone who’s walked through some pretty tough places with a dumbbell in hand and a strategy in mind.

At CONDITIONerd, Brandon’s philosophy cuts through the noise of trendy diets and short-lived fitness fads. He understands busy schedules and overflowing personal commitments. That’s normal life. But making your health a living priority? Now, that’s excellence. Brandon takes the excuses off the table, laying out a no-nonsense, comprehensive path to not just physical but encompassing life betterment. Transforming stress into strength, lethargy into vigor, and doubt into unshakeable confidence.

Under his coaching, Brandon’s clients uncover and destroy the roadblocks to their fitness and personal growth. He doesn’t just guide; he partners, ensuring that each step taken is a step towards unparalleled excellence. Whether it’s nailing that perfect form in the gym, optimizing your diet for mental clarity and stamina, or realigning postural imbalances that throw you off your game, Brandon’s regimen is all-inclusive.

In Brandon’s own words, “Nobody is going to lift that weight for you. You want change? Get up and make it happen.” CONDITIONerd is more than fitness; it’s a life’s calling to ensure you excel in every field you step onto. Stagnation is not in his vocabulary, and it soon won’t be in yours.

Embark on a transformative journey. Are you ready to take control and elevate your game? Because he’s already there, waiting to push you harder, faster, and smarter than yesterday.

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