About Us

High school sports started it all. Football and wrestling are both incredibly tough sports, but they do wonders to toughen your mind and get you in shape. They are worlds apart in terms of what type of shape you need to be in (and what kind of diet you can eat), but together they make an excellent base from which to build off of.

While a lot of the exercises they preach aren’t the same things you see in the gym today simply because the desired outcome isn’t the same, the fundamentals are still identical. Overall strength needs to be balanced with muscular endurance. Throw in a good helping of aerobic conditioning, and BAM! Functional fitness is within your grasp.

Years later, I can say that after trying (and seeing others try) lots of different techniques, whether in the gym or in the kitchen, I have a depth that most of the overpriced trainers you find in the gym don’t.

CONDITIONerd is a Marine Corps veteran owned and operated site that was started to:
– Help people re-learn fitness fundamentals
– Motivate people to continue bettering themselves through knowledge
– Support the community

Understanding how certain actions contribute to your health and fitness, how big of a role nutrition actually plays, and most importantly what to expect on your way to your goals can go miles to helping you stay focused and dedicated.
Being veteran backed, attention to detail, providing quality services, products and information, and serving others is in our blood. A generous portion of whatever is made from the CONDITIONerd brand through services, advertisements, or products will be given back to the community.

What we do

We provide high quality, customized fitness programs and coaching: Strength training, Cardio, nutritional advice, supplement guidance, recovery, and corrective exercise.


We believe that drive is one of the most important parts of any fitness program. It forms the basis of your program, helps mold your goals, and pushes you towards greatness. That drive has to come from inside you. No one else can give it to you, but certain outside factors can influence and bring out what already exists.

After 3+ years of training people and 15+ years of personal experience, we know a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. We also know how to best integrate all the aspects of a fitness program to make lifestyle changes turn into healthy habits.


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