About Us

About Us

Like most people these days, I spent a lot of my youth following a poor diet and exercise regimen. It wasn’t because I willingly disregarded my nutritional and activity needs. I just didn’t know better. It was the decade of Saturday morning cartoons, lower crime, and a good economy. It was also the generation of fast food and a lack of a focus on exercise and nutrition as a driver for all around health.

It wasn’t until the Marine Corps that I started focusing on my own exercise and dietary requirements. Bootcamp introduced me to exercise at an intensity I had never experienced before. Warmups, cooldowns, pushups, pull ups, dynamic stretching, static stretching, hydration, etc. All were forced into our brains over a few months.

Sadly, while I was learning about how to work out (the hard way), nutritional education was severely lacking. Basically, the Marine Corps ‘nutritional education’ consisted of three meals a day with no snacking in between and only eating what you given. No idea of macro counting, caloric needs, nutrient density, etc. So, after graduation I started reading until one day I started to grasp exactly what good nutrition actually is.

Lots of people get the fitness itch and begin working on themselves, trying to change their physical appearance or overall health for various reasons. Most of those same people quit pretty quickly because they are following what worked for other people.

They don’t have a tailored approach that THEY created for THEIR OWN BODY. Using the canned approach leads people to lose the motivation they started with because they aren’t seeing results. Physically, they might be lacking fundamentals of form or how to actually build a workout. Nutritionally, they might be suffering because they are trying out the newest fad diet, depriving themselves of entire food groups or nutritional needs in search of ‘fast weight loss’ or ‘quick mass gains.’

Expensive trainers are a nice to have, not a necessity. Costly meal plans and prepared foods from diet companies can drain your pockets and don’t work for everyone.

Conditionerd is a place that believes in sharing what we know and helping you reach the best you possible, through fitness. A community that isn’t *just* sample exercises or ‘what you need to do’ articles. A place that shows YOU how to do it, not how THEY did it. That way you can build your own fitness program that encompasses diet, exercise, and even motivational aspects, so you can do it.

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