Is Keto For You?

People are always looking for a quick way to lose weight or to reduce the likelihood of disease and illness. Naturally, when people heard about the ketogenic diets ability to provide massive results quickly, they jumped on it without necessarily realizing the impact it may have on their gym routines.

While the diet has shown good results for rapid weight loss as well as reducing certain health issues down to a manageable level, it has its own drawbacks. Since carbohydrates are your bodies natural source of energy, how do can continue your exercise regime on keto without hurting yourself? How do you manage the lower sodium intake you experience on the ketogenic diet? Can you manage to increase performance?

Combining Keto with the gym works… if done correctly

If you intend to completely change your body composition, then it is wise to combine the ketogenic diet with frequent visits to the gym (wherever you decide the ‘gym’ is). The blog Bullet Proof pointed out that one of the main benefits of the keto diet plan is that your body will be more physically active due to increased levels of energy.

The higher levels of energy come from your body burning ketones instead of glucose. When your body is in ketosis, the liver produces things called ketones from fatty deposits. These ketones serve as energy drivers in your body’s system, and boost the production levels of mitochondria.

In fact, these ketones are better sources of energy to your body system than glucose. Even if they are great sources of energy, that doesn’t mean you won’t have the occasional struggle in the gym. Here are four expert tips to improve your exercise regime while on a keto diet;

1. Eat More Fats

Even if your diet already has a high-fat content, you should maximize your fat intake while exercising. Increasing your fat intake means your body will be more fat-adaptive. Once it kicks into gear, it will produce more ketones, giving you lots of energy to crush those grueling gym sessions!

2. Incorporate Electrolytes into your Keto plan

If you want to combine ketosis with exercise, then you should never miss taking in some electrolytes. Ketosis may cause your body to lose a lot of water, especially in the first few days, due to a lack of glycogen. This loss of water weight results in a deficiency of electrolytes in your system.

Electrolytes help in the regulation of nerve impulses, contraction of muscles, functioning of the heart, and balancing of the intracellular fluids. In fact, electrolytes facilitate your over all well being while on keto. Never miss an opportunity to consume more potassium, magnesium, sodium and, calcium supplements.

3. Take in More Protein

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The keto diet is normally made up of meals with low carb, high-fat, and an average amount of protein. However, if you want to exercise while in ketosis then you should boost your protein intake.

Typically, you should shoot for 2.2 grams of protein intake per kilogram of lean body mass when you combine ketosis with exercise. Taking more protein in means there is more material to build your muscles back up with. This in turn causes your muscles to become stronger than if you were taking in less than enough protein.

Furthermore, proteins can boost your body’s energy levels by a process called gluconeogenesis. Through gluconeogenesis, your body will convert excess proteins into glucose – which is a source of energy during intense exercising. Extra energy means… extra good workouts!

Make sure you eat more protein heavy foods such as fish, eggs and, meat. You can also purchase ketogenic supplements, which are rich in keto friendly soy or whey protein.

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4. Indulge Yourself in Carb Cycling

Perfect Keto makes the statement that a standard keto plan usually limits the levels of your carb intake. However, to combine ketosis with exercising effectively; you must indulge yourself in carb cycling.

After intense exercise, your body will be depleted of glycogen. To make up for the depleted glycogen, you must consume a few carbs immediately.

Don’t over indulge in carb cycling like many keto dieters do. You may not get the full benefits of ketosis by incorrectly carb cycling. Obviously, since ketosis is the entire purpose of the diet, falling out of ketosis is a bad thing.

Only take in 20 – 40 grams of carbs immediately after an intense session. If you need to take in more, split it up with some prior to and the rest directly after a workout. Moreover, you should only consume carbs for the right reasons.

Don’t try to justify your chocolate craving as a cycle. As with anything in life, do what you do for the right reasons. Otherwise, you will get poor results.


If you implement these four tips consistently, you will automatically improve your exercise regimen while on keto and you will be better poised to reap all the benefits of ketosis. What’s more – you will be more likely to realize all your workout and weight loss goals!

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