Grow Your Glutes w/ These Tips

Did you know that only 23.2% of adults above 18 years meet the physical activity guidelines for aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities each week? Following a workout routine can not only help you stay fit, but also age in a healthy way.

There are many reasons for you to grow your glutes. First, you’ll increase your athletic performance. Strong glute muscles will make you run faster and jump higher during your track events. Plus, a stronger lower body can help keep away the dreaded low back pain most people have as they get older.

A regular circuit full of good glute workouts can help prevent knee pain and hamstring injuries as well. That’s awesome news if you are an active person. Almost nothing kills the mood faster than waking up and curling over in pain because your low back is on fire.

Activate Your Glutes

You should undertake glute activation exercises before lifting your weights at the gym. Or before you do anything. Activating your glute muscles will reduce your chances of injury when existing, but more so while exercising.

Properly warming them up can help you to recruit all sorts of muscles that you need for proper form. Failure to activate and recruit your glute muscles will overwork and tighten the muscles on your front thighs (quads). Tight quads equal a bad day, from an overall ergonomic standpoint. They can pull your hips downward, adding unnecessary strain to your low back. Exercises that help activate your glutes include shin boxes, donkey kicks, and calm walks.

Squeeze Your Glute Muscles

Squeezing your glutes when coming up from a squat can help you grow tight glutes. Also, squeezing can help activate your glute muscles allowing blood flow and air supply to the muscles.

The squeeze will ensure that you maintain the right position to protect your back from injuries during your leg day. Tighter glutes also counteract what your quads might do when they unevenly pull on your hips, lifting your pelvis into proper position, and reducing the strain that comes along with it. You can consult with your trainer on the correct way to squeeze your glute muscles if you’re unsure.

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Eat Enough Food

The more you burn at the gym, the more you should eat.

Additionally, the more lean mass you have, the more you should eat.

Schedule at least three meals a day, but add in snacks if you need to. You don’t need to eat 6+ times if you do not need to. Diets that regimented are only truly needed for very specific goals. Instead, focus on protein intake and overall calories.

Shoot for 1g of protein per bodyweight pound every day, and at least 30g per sitting. The 30g number is because that is the magical zone where protein synthesis happens, and your muscles are replenished/grown.

As a side note, the idea that anything more than 30g per sitting is a waste is an enormous myth than needs to go away. Your body will not waste protein. It will simply put it towards other things like rebuilding tissues, strengthening your immune system, or growing your skin/hair/nails.

Even so, you must mind a balanced diet in your meals. It’s best to avoid excessive amounts of *weekly* calories that can set you back in your goals. If you go over one day, go slightly under the next. Keep your diet in check over the course of a week. This allows you to still enjoy yourself, while also reaching your goals.

Focus on whole foods, and reduce the processed junk. Often, it makes you feel terrible anyways. Plus, the energy it gives you is subpar, your blood sugar is spiked, and there is often a crash associated with them. Much harder to stay on track nutritionally when you eat a ton of them because you are hungry again shortly after. Replace french fries with rice, bulger wheat, or potatoes and you will feel fuller longer.

Legumes are, for example, rich in protein and micronutrients that can maximize muscle synthesis. And, don’t forget the micronutrients. Micronutrients such as magnesium increase your energy production and improve muscle contraction. Get the diet on track and watch those gains explode.

Go Slow on Machines

Machines can indeed be excellent additives to your workout routine. However, using workout machines only can cause you more harm than good. Machines are notorious for pushing you through a very linear, and very narrow range of motion.

During lunges and squats, the body uses more than just your leg and glute muscles and you follow a very natural plane of movement. When different muscle groups work together, it helps avoid muscle imbalances.

Correct muscle balance will improve your posture and potential workout injuries, too.

If you incorporate machines, use them for accessory work and go slow. Going slow on machines can help you follow best form while on them. For example, torso twist machines already put a ton of stress on your low back as you twist under resistance. If you are uncontrolled in your movements, the weight can whip your body around in unnatural ways, and lead to low back issues. Be as safe on machines as you are with free weights.

Sleep Enough

Exercise depletes your glycogen stores and creates microtears in whatever muscle you are working on. More tears equal more growth potential. But, they will not repair as well while you are awake. Getting enough sleep can stimulate and improve your muscle growth but giving your body the time to concentrate on repair. During the REM phase of sleep, your brain unleashes its ability to mend tissues, bones, and body organs.

Your brain can also regenerate immune cells. Plus, sleep is when the highest secretion of human growth hormones occurs, with levels the highest while we sleep and tapering off throughout the AM. We do have small spikes throughout the day, mainly after meals, but those are nothing compared to while we sleep.

Focus on sleeping for at least eight hours a night. This simple act can go miles towards not only growing your glutes, but any muscle in general.

Plus, you will be in a better mood throughout the day and your health will drastically improve overall.

Grow Your Glutes

Combining a regular workout routine and a healthy diet can help maximize results if you want to grow your glutes. Various foods can increase your muscle growth, strength and recovery after your glute workout.

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