Staying Fit While Working From Home

Learning to stay fit while working from home can be challenging, as you can start to combine work life and home life into one category. This can quickly lead to a sedentary lifestyle that can have adverse effects on your health. You can quickly develop back problems and the pounds can start to pack on.

Here are easy five tips for staying fit throughout the day.

1. Make Sure You’re Standing and Moving Every Hour

Sitting in a chair for hours on end can quickly ruin your posture and lead to back problems. Be sure to stand for at least a minute or more every hour to help with posture and blood flow.

Set a timer up on your phone, watch, or the computer you’re working at to remind you that you need to get up and move.

2. Keep Weights and Bands Near Your Desk

Another solution on how to stay active while working from home is to put weights or resistance bands next to your desk. Whenever you have downtime or even in the middle of a conference call, you can pick up the weights and get the blood moving.

Just be sure not to drop them anywhere near your workstation and break the equipment.

3. Get a Treadmill or Standing Desk

If you want to move while you work, consider getting a treadmill or standing desk. Treadmill desks are great for walking while you work, but they can make a decent amount of noise.

A standing desk that switches positions every hour or so is a great way to keep you moving and on your toes (hopefully not literally).

4. Do Chores and Errands When you Feel Unfocused

Not all the time you’re working is going to be productive. Instead of sitting around waiting for inspiration, get up and do the dishes or take out the trash.

These chores get the blood moving and you’d be surprised how quickly you can get winded scrubbing dishes and mopping the floor.

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5. Try Out Virtual Workout Programs

If you’re on your lunch break or it’s after work, immediately set up a virtual workout. This can be with a personal trainer, doing yoga, or whatever you need for fitness motivation.

Partnering up with someone can help push you for the results you’re looking for, especially if they’re already a personal trainer. They can hold you accountable, even on the days where you don’t feel like doing anything after work.

Staying Fit at Home Doesn’t Have to be Hard

By staying fit at home, you’re saving yourself hardship down the road. You won’t have to deal with the weight gain and aching body like your coworkers might. Instead, you’ll be running laps around them and wondering what it even felt like to work from an office in the first place.

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