Corrective Exercise for Your Own Good

9 out of 10 student-athletes suffer some sort of debilitating injury that brings them out of the game. Whether you are an athlete or just an injured active individual you need to find ways to heal your pain and get back out there.

Holistic healing is one of your best strategies for pain management. Becoming a thrall to pain medications is not your only or best option. With the right corrective exercises, you can return to workouts at your own pace.

If you want to live free from pain without drugs and surgery you need to examine all of your recovery options. Start here with this play-by-play on how to use holistic healing to conquer your life-destroying pain.

Identifying Your Source of Pain

Before you begin any sort of holistic healing routine you first need to know the type and extent of pain you have. Only once you diagnose the root cause of your pain can you start finding out ways to heal it.

Go to a doctor, sports medicine practitioner, or physical therapist to get an accurate diagnosis of your issue. Getting a professional medical opinion will be essential to starting your recovery routine.

Develop a Mobility and Stretching Routine

Mobility exercises and stretching are two of your best tools to get back to your normal workouts and activities. If you stagnate because of your injury it will never heal. You need to improve your flexibility and keep things moving.

Recent science suggests that stretching exercises can increase your tolerance to discomfort caused by musculoskeletal pain. If you are to move past your injury, increasing your range of motion and level of comfort is crucial.

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Start With Low Impact Exercises

No matter the severity level or location of your injury, starting with low-impact exercises is your best course of action. Hop on that stationary bike, go for a long walk in soft sand, or swim some laps.

You need to raise your heart rate and get the blood flowing so your body’s natural recovery process can begin. You also need to avoid inflaming your injury with high-impact exercises so it can heal right.

Focus On Holistic Healing Through Nutrition

You may have heard the age-old adage “you are what you eat”. When it comes to recovering from an injury the fuel you put in the machine of your body is very important. Your body needs all the right nutrients to heal.

Eat fresh wholesome foods packed full of necessary vitamins and minerals. Avoid nutrition myths and find some reputable science to back your nutrition routine for the best effects. 

Find a Trainer

You need to find someone who can get you back on the field, court, mountain, bike, board, wave, or mat. Don’t settle for someone only trying to get you across the parking lot at the grocery store.

Find a reputable trainer and establish a workout routine that works for your injury. As it heals they can help you come back stronger. Work with a one-on-one coach or trainer for the best results.

Move Past Your Pain With Holistic Healing

If you are an active individual suffering from a painful injury, you need to establish the right holistic healing strategy. You also need to carry out the correct repetitive motions to move past your injury.

If you are looking for a trainer that can improve your workouts and help you deal with pain issues contact us today. We can help you develop the right holistic routine to get you back out there stronger than ever.

Let Us Help You OUt

We can get you setup with a periodized workout plan, supplement information, and advice on nutrition to help you reach your goals.

Personal trainers, like those found here, can help guide you on your pathway towards reaching your fitness goals, whether that is getting bigger, stronger, faster, more lean, or just staying in shape while stuck at home.

The only thing you need is some motivation and a willingness to change some old habits.

Get into contact with us to find out what membership is right for you. In a Conditionerd program, you’ll be surrounded by others who can help you to get where you want to be.

Generally, our clients start to see some pretty awesome changes in 2-3 months time, some sooner.

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