Women Should Absolutely Lift Weights

Weight lifting for women makes your muscles stronger and makes you feel better. Here’s just a few of the ways that adding weight lifting to your routine can benefit you.

(If you have any further questions about adding weight training to your routine, you can consult your doctor or check out our blog about working out and tips on how to get started.)

1. Burn, baby, burn

Minute-for-minute, cardio burns more calories than lifting. However, weight training increases your body’s ability to metabolize. This means even after you’re done lifting, your body is still burning calories for several more hours

2. So Long, Fat

While cardio burns fat and muscle, weight lifting only burns calories and fat. You may lose more weight running, but you will look trimmer by lifting weights.

3. Strong Muscles = Strong Bones

Logic follows that if you strengthen muscles, your bones get stronger in the process. Bone weakness can lead to osteoporosis, a disease that causes bones to become more brittle, and is much more prevalent among women. 

4. Love Your Heart

Although weight lifting increases your blood pressure while you’re lifting, it helps decrease your blood pressure throughout the day. Weight training strengthens your heart and puts you at lower risk for heart disease.

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5. That “Runners High” Translates to Weight Lifting

Lifting weights causes your brain to release endorphins, a hormone that makes you feel content and energized throughout the rest of the day. Endorphins can reduce stress and increase your productivity. As you weight train, seeing improvements to your physical weight limit can also make you feel empowered.

6. Happy Joints

Strength training for women is very low impact. There is no running or jogging involved, so if you have joint pain, your hips, knees, and/or ankles will thank you.

7. Better Balance

When you lift weights, you’re improving your fast-twitch muscle reaction and neuromuscular coordination. This is a fancy way of saying “your ability to stay upright.” As you age, your balance naturally deteriorates. Weight lifting is a great way to fight back.

8. Strong Muscles = Strong Brain

Challenging yourself with weight lifting stimulates and challenges your mind. This leads to better memory recall and brain function.

9. Better Sleep

When you’ve done a serious workout, your body is ready for that bed come nighttime. Weight training improves your ability to fall asleep and get better quality sleep.

10. Less Back Pain

Remember those sore days after doing serious lawn care or moving something that was definitely a two-person job? As you strengthen your muscles, those tasks won’t knock you on your back the next day (and the day after that).

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