Keys to a Good Summer Shred

Searching for ways to achieve that enviable ‘summer shred’? You’re not alone! A ton of people gear up every year to get their bodies summer-ready, aiming for a physique that shines during the hotter seasons.

It’s about more than just turning heads at the beach, even though that is a big part of it. That beach-ready look also acts as a catalyst, stimulating a notable surge in your self-confidence. A little extra self-belief can certainly be transformative and people all around you will notice as the pounds melt away, wondering what they can do to get there with you.

Thing is, most people don’t know how to do a successful shred. A lot of people who set out on that journey ultimately fail but you don’t have to.

There are a few simple steps you need to do, consistently, in order to build that summer body how you want it.

Step 1: Set a Realistic Goal

The first step towards a summer shred is setting yourself a goal. It is important to be realistic here. You may want to look like Chris Hemsworth, but if you give yourself a month and currently look more like Peter Griffin it ain’t gonna happen. Setting an unrealistic goal will kill your motivation.

Spend some time thinking about what kind of summer body you want to achieve, whether this is a slimmed down frame, increased definition, or added muscle. You can then set yourself a goal to work towards.

Setting a realistic goal includes a time frame. You cannot expect to change overnight. A good summer shred, or any shred in general, takes months. Starting a regimen one week out from a trip to the beach most likely will not get you where you want to go. You need to start early and be consistent. In reality, you probably need to start in February/March, depending on where you are beginning.

Small, obtainable goals are best. Of course, you CAN set a goal of losing 20/50/100lbs in the long term. Long term goals are great, but make them realistic.

Step 2. Control Your Diet

The old saying “you can’t outrun a bad diet” is (unfortunately) very true. To achieve a summer shred, you need to be a bit stricter with your diet. This is often the hardest part of any lifestyle change.

For a summer shred, you want to focus on protein. Try to get about 1g per pound of body weight per day regardless of goal. You can then add healthy fats, fruits, grains, and lots of green, leafy vegetables, and other whole foods to your meals.

If you are trying to lose weight, you need to be on a calorie deficit. To gain weight weight you need a calorie surplus. Body recomposition (changing your appearance, usually from a jigglier presentation to a harder, more defined look) requires an intake of calories at your maintenance level.

Additionally, supplements can be useful but should never substitute food. They are supplemental. It’s in the name. You must also stay hydrated with around 3-4 liters of water daily.

Many people find using meal prep and healthy online recipes the best way to stay in control of their diet during a summer shred.

Step 3. Create a Schedule

Next, create a schedule. This is important because it allows you to prioritize training and fit your workouts in around other parts of your life. It is also helpful in terms of tracking your progress and boosting your motivation.

Again, it is important to be realistic here. If you plan to pump iron every day, you will quickly burn out and lose motivation. Rest days are just as important as workouts. Include a day or two off each week at minimum.

It is helpful to alternate your exercises so that you can give your body rest while still getting in enough exercise to see results quickly. As an example, you could run a lower body workout on Monday, do upper body on Tuesday, work legs on Wednesday, cardio only day on Thursday, Day off Friday, and then repeat the cycle.

You can do a push-pull-legs split, an upper-lower split, a bro split (not recommended, but possible), or any combination that works for you.

A schedule of how many times you want to work out is a great place to start and can help you narrow down how you are going to tackle the next step.

Step 4: Find a Fitness Program

Once you know what kind of summer body you want to achieve, the next best step is to find a fitness program tailored to your goals that is created by health and fitness experts, or one that you create yourself.

The best summer shred programs are 3+ months long and include workouts AND nutritional guidance. Having a great workout is a fantastic start, but without the extra nutritional focus you are not going to make the progress you want.

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Step 5: Be Consistent

Once you have a plan, workouts built, and an idea about your nutrition you need to execute. And execute. And execute. Plan to be in this mode for a few months at least.

Consistency is how you will make the progress. You can have the best plan in the entire world but if you don’t execute it, you have the worst plan in the world.

Kickstart Your Summer Shred Now and Get Results

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to get started with your summer shred now and smash your targets.

To get beach ready, you need to put in the work, and it can be tough. This will only make being in the best shape of your life all the more rewarding, though, and give you a confidence boost this summer.

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