Motivation is Fleeting

Did you know about 45 million adult Americans have a gym membership? That’s around 14 percent of the American population. Have you ever stepped foot in the gym? 

Working out can be difficult, but keeping yourself motivated is much harder. If you want the best for your body, there are a few things you can do to stay motivated. 

Well, with these easy tips, you can stay motivated while at the gym. Keep reading to find out more about creating a workout schedule.

Gym Motivation Tips

Tip 1: Bring a Buddy

Working out with a buddy may lessen the stress. Not only will you have someone to talk to, but you can also swap workout routines. 

Getting motivated is a lot easier when you have someone with you. Set a gym schedule with your friend and meet them there during the schedule. 

Tip 2: The work and reward system

This may help you stay motivated while at the gym. 

Here’s an example: make an agreement with yourself. If you go to the gym for a week or two, you’ve earned a reward. You may feel more motivated if you’re working toward something. 

Tip 3: Don’t wait for peak hours…

Nobody likes working out in a crowded gym. Wait until it’s quiet time and you and your friend can stick to your workout schedule. Also, plan your gym visit when you don’t have other activities going on. 

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Create Yourself a Workout Schedule

Having a schedule of what you are doing and when is very helpful to a ton of people. Something about being able to check things off a list is pretty motivating.

There are a few ways for you to build yourself a handy workout schedule. But, first, think about what you want to achieve by working out. If you have a goal in mind, it’s easier to plan a schedule. 

Most machines and exercises only work out specific areas in your body. For example, you may want to build up your legs into beefy tree trunks. Building out a plan that incorporates two or three days to focus on just your legs can help you focus on your goals.  

The first rule of creating a gym schedule is maintaining consistency. Train often over a long period of time. You can’t work out once a week and hope to get your dream body. It has to be consistent work on yourself, over a period of time. Remember, you didn’t get to where you are overnight. You won’t get to where you want to be overnight. You have to put in the work.

Whatever you build, make the schedule one you can stick to. The most well thought out, muscle building, well rounded program won’t help the most successful athletes if it is boring. You have to want to do it, and in order to want to do it, it has to keep your attention.

You don’t even have to write down your schedule with pen and paper. Writing it in your Notes app on your phone works just as well, and tons of apps out there have pre-built plans for you to follow.

When you join a CONDITIONerd program, we build the plan for you, and provide it in an easy-to-use app, just as side note.

How to Stay Motivated While in the Gym

Figure out your ‘Why’. Why are you doing what you are doing? What are your goals? How do you want to accomplish them? What is your timeframe? Then, ask yourself if you are you creating the best gym schedule and workout plan for yourself. If your plan doesn’t help you reach your goals, it is useless.

Take a buddy with you. Working out with a friend by your side will help you stay motivated. And you can give each other tips and swap workout routines. 

Don’t forget to put in the work. Setting aside regular workout times increases your activity and keeps you motivated.

Lastly, the most awesome form of motivation comes from seeing the results first hand. Scales are cool, but how you look and feel is the absolute best marker for the progress you have made. Once you see and feel the change, the motivation goes through the roof!

Let Us help You Out

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We can get you setup with a periodized workout plan, supplement information, and advice on nutrition to help you reach your goals.

The only thing you need is some motivation and a willingness to change some old habits.

Get into contact with us to find out what membership is right for you. In a CONDITIONerd program, you’ll be surrounded by others who can help you to get where you want to be.

Generally, our clients start to see some pretty awesome changes in 2-3 months time, some sooner.

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