Cheap Ways to Get In Shape

Only about 23% of Americans meet national exercise guidelines. That’s not a great outlook. That’s especially true when you consider how 150 minutes per week is that standard. Works out to be 2.5 hours a week. A WEEK. You probably get more time for breaks at work each week than that.

Are you attempting to get in shape? The current Instagram culture might make you think you need to shell out big bucks. You might think you need equipment, a trainer, a gym, and more!

Nothing could be farther from the truth. While those things all help, getting in shape isn’t about the money you spend. It’s about getting your body healthy and strong. How you get there is completely up to you. You can absolutely gain some muscle or shed a layer of unwanted weight at home without spending any money!

Work Out at Home

First thing’s first. If you’re paying big bucks to go to the gym but you’re not using equipment, then stop! Unless you’re utilizing equipment, then there’s no reason to overpay. Why pay membership fees if you are going to a gym just to walk/run on a treadmill and come home? You can do that anywhere. Granted, some neighborhoods are not the safest place to walk/run alone, but you can do some HIIT workouts in your living room!

You can do all the workouts you need to stay in shape at home! This step alone will save you a ton of money. Plus, with all the nonsense around the world still looming, at-home workout challenges are trendy.

You Don’t Need (much) Equipment

If you’re wondering how to get in shape fast, then you might think you need all the best equipment. Not so fast! As explained above, you don’t need all those bells and whistles to get fit.

Trade in that treadmill for the great outdoors. Ditch the traditional machines for some old fashioned technique. Your progress and results will prove you don’t need expensive gear to get ripped.

Throw in a good mix of plyometric and isometric exercises, and bam! Full workout without any equipment.

Jump ropes, resistance bands, bosu balls, and small dumbbells/kettlebells, and even suspension trainers are all on the low cost end for equipment that is both incredibly useful and budget friendly!

Get in Shape But Keep Your Pockets Fat

Are you ready to stop dreaming and start getting back in shape? If so, then we hope we’ve motivated you to get started. Learning how to get in shape is easier than you’d think!

You can get started right now by taking a walk, doing a little dance, or even doing a few pushups.

Every motion matters! So long as you remain consistent, you’ll start to see progress. So, go out there and get in shape!

The most important thing you need to do, though, is be consistent. Consistency is key. You could do one small thing (like take a brisk walk) everyday. If you do, then you’ll start to get in better shape before you know it!

Let Us help You Out

At CONDITIONerd we are here to help you achieve better physical and mental health through exercise. Check out the plans we offer to our customers and see if you could benefit from working with our team. And if you have questions, you can always contact a CONDITIONerd team member

Personal trainers, like those found here, can help guide you on your pathway towards reaching your fitness goals, whether that is getting bigger, stronger, faster, more lean, or just generally feeling better.

We can get you setup with a periodized workout plan, supplement information, and advice on nutrition to help you reach your goals.

The only thing you need is some motivation and a willingness to change some old habits.

Get into contact with us to find out what membership is right for you. In a CONDITIONerd program, you’ll be surrounded by others who can help you to get where you want to be.

Generally, our clients start to see some pretty awesome changes in 2-3 months time, some sooner.

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