What Leads to Gaps in Your Nutrition?

Wake up and smell the coffee, nutrition is not just about pumping iron and shedding sweat. Your lifestyle is beating you down with nutrient deficiencies whether you are a gym rat or the couch potato. Everyone is in the same boat here, unless we take solid steps to work on fixing it.

Society heaps processed junk onto your plate. Chips, cookies, fried foods, sugary beverages. If that is what your diet looks like you’ve bid adieu to the nutrition-packed powerhouses that are fruits, veggies, whole grains, and fish. “Overfed and undernourished,” that’s the American anthem. And guess what, it’s causing an upswing in chronic diseases across the board and probably leaving nutritional gaps in your diet.

Mass-produced foods worth doesn’t hold a candle to what our ancestors ate. Our diets are trash without some work these days. You could be falling short in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and essential micronutrients like iron, vitamin C, or zinc.

Whole foods are where you want to focus and organic foods are a plus but they are expensive! While whole foods should absolutely make up the bulk of your diet, supplements might still be needed.

So quit being passive, shape your diet plan and fill in those nutrition gaps. The power is in YOUR hands! You’ve got this!

Risk Factors for a Nutrient Deficiency

There are plenty of reasons you may be running low on nutrients. The caveat? You’re not acknowledging them. Let’s go through some of them:

Older Age: We all age but, your capacity to absorb vitamin B12 and D get a hit. The think tank at the National Academy of Medicine even suggests anyone above 50 to get on the B12 bandwagon

Pregnant or Planning?: Pump in 600 micrograms of folic acid into your daily diet, pronto (that’s the CDC talking, not just me). Folate is no light matter; its deficiency can cause birth defects.

Hectic Lifestyles: Perfect excuse to skedaddle from a balanced diet, right? The result – you’re falling short. Time to summon the power of comprehensive multivitamins and minerals.

Too Little Exposure to the Sun: You’re eating right, feeling low. What’s the catch? Ah, there it is. You’re dodging the sun. Hello Vitamin D deficiency!

Dietary Restrictions: Love animals too much to eat them? Religious constraints? That’s commendable, but, you’re probably on the low for calcium, vitamin D, B12, and essential amino acids like lucene, iso-leucine, and valine. Complete amino acids are only found in animal proteins, so you are definitely low on various things if you aren’t purposefully ingesting foods in a certain way stacked with supplements.

Blunt Truth about Our Modern Diets

Modern diets are a train wreck – and YOU are riding first-class.

  • Processed foods are everywhere
  • Nutrient powerhouses like fruits, veggies, and fish are kicked to the curb
  • We’re trading HEALTH for CONVENIENCE!

And you know what? You’re probably falling for it. Most people are. Processed foods are delicious because they are engineered to be delicious.

But, they are void of any sort of actual nutrition. The further from natural a product is, generally the more nutrients that have been filtered out.

That means fewer vitamins and minerals being taken in by most people, and, while correlation does not always equal causation, the major rise of disease across the board is seemingly following a trend on our diets.

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Vitamins: Your Nutritional Redeemers

This is going to sound incredibly cliche but think of life as a big game of tug-of-war. You’re on one side, nutritional deficiency are on the other. And the rope? That’s your health. The enemy plays dirty, too. Donuts, baked goods, deserts, candy, potato chips, and sugary beverages are all delicious, addicting, and chemical ridden, slowly strangling any desire you have to eat whole foods and reducing your overall vitamin and mineral intake. Plus, they are usually incredibly calorie heavy which leads to weight gain.

Sadly, even a diet full of whole foods might not be enough to get you all of your required daily vitamins and minerals these days. Mass agricultural techniques and pesticides have leached the soil in many places of appropriate nutrients. So, what can you do? Multivitamin supplements can be incredibly helpful.

How do you know where to focus? Here is a quick start guide:

  • Energy jump-start: B-Vitamins kick your metabolism into high gear. More natural energy.
  • The Great Wall of Immune System: Vitamins C, D, E? They’ve got your back against invaders.
  • Brain-Boosters: Folate, B12, B6 – your keys to smashing through those brain-foggy days.
  • Oh, those aches: Vitamins make peace with inflammation causing your joint misery.

A No-Nonsense Compass to the Vitamin Universe (A-Z).

The vitamin world can leave you spinning. Nobody has time for confusing titles and disinfo, so here’s a no-nonsense outline on vitamins:

  • Vitamin A: Eye health superstar. Find in: carrots, sweet potatoes
  • B vitamins (a whole family of them!): Here for your heart and brain health. Find in: whole grains, meats, eggs
  • Vitamin C: Immunity’s best buddy. Find in: citrus fruits, peppers
  • Vitamin D: Bone health ambassador. Find in: sunlight (or a supplement if you’re a sun dodger)
  • Vitamin E: Skin’s protector. Find in: nuts, seeds
  • Vitamin K: Blood and bone health champion. Find in: leafy greens, broccoli

Navigating the vitamin universe isn’t rocket science but I understand that people today can be picky eaters or cannot afford certain foods. With this guide, picking a good multivitamin will be a cakewalk.

Don’t Forget about Minerals

The mineral world is a different beast. Vitamins and minerals are NOT the same thing, but both are equally important. Thankfully, multi-vitamins also usually contain minerals. Here is a quick rundown of what various minerals do:

  • Calcium: Bone and teeth hulk! Find in: dairy, leafy greens, almonds
  • Iron: Here for your energy and focus. Find in: red meat, beans, spinach
  • Magnesium: Muscle’s best buddy, sleep like a champ. Find in: nuts, pumpkin seeds, avocado
  • Potassium: Keeping your nerves and muscles in check. Find in: bananas, potatoes, spinach
  • Zinc: The immune system ninja. Find in: oysters, lean meats, pumpkin seeds
  • Selenium: Your antioxidant bodyguard. Find in: Brazil nuts, seafood, whole grains

Choosing Vitamins w/o Breaking your Wallet

You’re not in kindergarten anymore where everyone’s handed the same gummy vitamin and told to chew (Do they still do that?). Since Fitness is Personal and should be tailored to you, you need to choose what is best for you.

Don’t be duped by those flashy labels on vitamin bottles that promise you the world. Marketing is a multi-billion dollar a year industry where people figure out how to bypass our natural defenses and try to get us to spend money on things we do not need.

Ignore The Gimmicks: They’ll use scientific lingo to make things sound important. Here’s a nugget – OXYGEN is scientific too, and it’s free. Clutch onto the Essential Nutrients and toss out the jargon. Too many promises = most likely junk.

Here are some pro-tips to avoid dumping your entire paycheck into supplement companies:

  1. Know Your Needs: Everyone’s different. Stop comparing. Your body, your rules. Be conscious about what YOU need. Take your overall health and doctor recommendations (if you have any) into account.
  2. Savings in Moderation: Don’t blow all your cash on ‘possible benefits’. Save some for the no-nonsense needs your body has. Yes, you were lied to, the most expensive isn’t always the best, but the cheapest is rarely worth the effort or cost. Settle for good middle of the road in many cases.
  3. Exercise, Eat, Repeat: Relying solely on vitamins is just lazy. Remember, there’s no shortcut to health. Vitamins supplement, not replace, your meals. Food is your fuel, and nothing beats a good old run!

How to Pick a Dynamite Multivitamin

As I have alluded to, multivitamins aren’t one-size-fits-all. It’s warfare out there, demanding you lock in the right powerhouse to fuel your unique lifestyle and health. If you want my no-nonsense advice for choosing, here it is: Choose a well-known manufacturer, but base your eventual choice on what you are trying to accomplish.

If your goal is to strengthen your immune system, find a multivitamin focused on that goal which contains higher levels of things like zinc, C, and D.

Regardless of if your goal is better general health, increased support for aging, or any other goal you can find something somewhere but stick to reputable manufacturers and read reviews before choosing.

Let’s bring in two of my favorites for comparison: GNC Megamen and 1st Phorm Microfactor.

GNC Megamen: Crafted for the fellas, this line roots for athletic performance with a focus on energy and metabolism. Bonus – antioxidants for cell protection. It’s a sturdy squad, but, like anything else, not invincible.

You can check out Megamen by CLICKING ON THIS LINK

1st Phorms Microfactor: It’s not playing games. This line isn’t just a multivitamin pack, it’s a nutrient apparatus. In every capsule, you’ve got vital nutrients, antioxidants, probiotics, and more. It’s your daily fitness task force.

You can check out Microfactor by CLICKING ON THIS LINK

While GNC Megamen makes a solid option for sporty gents, 1st Phorm Microfactor takes the cake in holistic coverage. Yet, remember the golden rule: Know thyself! One man’s meat is another man’s poison.

Clueless about your needs? March into your GP’s office. Get your blood work done, and unveil your requirements. Avoid wandering aimlessly in the multivitamin cosmos.

Your diet is your prime soldier and vitamins and minerals are the ammo.

It’s all about personal excellence, driving every decision you make in your journey towards superior health. You’re not here for mediocrity. You’re here to conquer. So, take the challenge, pick your ally wisely, get out there, and nail it!

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