Debunking Common Myths About Protein Powder

You just started working out consistently, you are feeling good about yourself, and you are ready to take it to the next level.

You know tackling your nutrition is the key to success and are curious about protein powder, but you’ve heard conflicting information and aren’t sure what to believe. Lots of misinformation out there, so here are four myths about protein powder that need to go away!

Myth #1: It Will Make Me Bulky

This might be one of the most widespread myths about protein powder. More than likely, you are going to the gym to get more fit and lose weight. Fear of gaining weight or “bulking up” might scare you away from using protein powder but let’s talk about why this is a myth.

Weight gain comes from excessive calories meaning you are eating more calories than you are burning. You may have heard the term “calories in versus calories out” – this is a fact that what you eat has the most significant impact on weight loss or weight gain.

It would take a huge amount of protein powder being consumed every day, multiple times a day, in conjunction with a large number of calories from other foods/drinks to cause the scale to move upwards. 

In fact, eating enough protein can actually increase the amount of calories you can eat and keep losing weight due to the thermogenic effect of it.

Adding protein powder to your nutrition plan is an easy way to help create muscle mass, hit ideal protein grams for your body, and keep you crushing your goals.

In short, if you stay under your calories for the day you will lose weight regardless of protein intake.

Myth #2: Protein Powder Will Upset My Stomach

It is true that the whey in many popular protein powders can cause some individuals to have bloating and gas. You may be sensitive to dairy or prefer not to partake, but there are other options.

Many companies offer a variety of powders that do not contain whey. For example, protein powder can be found based off of pea, hemp, soy, and even grass-fed beef if you are not opposed to animal products.

Now more than ever, people are cognizant of what is going into their food, so finding an organic protein powder with minimal ingredients can up the ante and add even more benefit to the extra dose of protein.

If you go the vegan root, a pea-rice mix is probably the best bet due to the amino profile of the combo being closer to complete.

A good vegan protein powder can be found HERE. Free shipping, by the way!

Myth #3: Only Hardcore People Use It

If you are new to the gym atmosphere, it can be intimidating. You might feel your goals don’t warrant adding protein powder to your nutrition plan; however, it can be appropriate for anyone regardless of your gender, goals, or age.

You don’t have to be eyeing a bodybuilding competition to benefit from added protein.

The fact is your body needs a lot of protein to create muscle, get stronger, and repair cells, and if you are young or pregnant, it’s an essential part of growth development.

You may not need as much protein as some, depending on your body composition, gender, age, and goals. However, the fact remains it is a vital part of overall health and keeping on track towards your short-term and long-term goals.

Myth #4: I Have to Drink it Immediately Before/After a Workout

You have probably seen a few avid fitness lovers slugging back a protein shaker bottle during their workout. Should this be you?

Over the years, there has been conflicting information about the timing of protein ingestion – should you consume it before or after a workout? If you miss the window of opportunity, does this mean your potential gains are lost? Thankfully, this is another common myth we want to dispel.

The latest research shows it doesn’t have a huge effect on efficacy if you drink the protein shake before, during, or after your workout. The important part is you are taking it regardless of timing.

You don’t have to be perfect to make progress, but you do have to keep moving.

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