Cell-Tech SX-7 Revolution Creatine

Creatine has a long storied history in the world of fitness. It is one of the best researched supplements out there.

With many variations of it available, you might be wondering where SX-7 Revolution by Muscletech lands in terms of quality, taste, and effectiveness.

In terms of overall quality, this might be one of the rare gems in the supplement market.

Read this before you decide on your next bottle.

What’s in SX-7 Revolution?

Cell-Tech SX-7 Revolution Creatine is an interesting product. Whereas most creating products are just monohydrate or just hydrochloride, this product has four different forms of creatine within it.

  • Creatine Monohydrate
  • Creatine Hydrochloride
  • Creatine Citrate
  • Creatine Peptides

This product takes the best of all worlds when it comes to creatine, and combines them. Monohydrate has been around far longer and has a lot more research to back it. What is known about creatine hydrochloride points to it being broken down faster and absorbed to the body more quickly.

Creatine Citrate is bound to citric acid, and some believe it is, like hydrochloride, broken down and absorbed much more quickly than monohydrate.

Finally, creatine peptides are strings of amino acids that also can help with muscle growth or repair.

This product also has a bit of Fenugreek included, which has been associated with anti-inflammation, blood sugar control, and, most famously, for natural testosterone building. When combined with Creatine, Fenugreek has shown an increased absorption rate of creatine.

SX7 Shatter Creatine Label

Image from GNC

Lastly, this product also has L-Leucine in it which is a BCAA known for helping break down proteins. That’s probably a good thing, considering creatine in all forms is an amino acid (protein).

Quality of the Flavor and Texture

Overall, SX-7 Revolution Creatine is about average when it comes to flavor and texture.


Blue Cherry Fusion is a pretty standard flavor. It tastes like it says on the label. It’s definitely not bad, but I wouldn’t say that it is above average. I can’t speak to the other flavors.


The texture of Cell-tech SX-7 is pretty thick compared to other creatine mixtures. Monohydrate, for example, is usually pretty thin but can be chalky. I would compare this particular product to slightly thinner than an average mass builder shake, or slightly thicker than a glass of milk.

Once mixed, if not consumed fairly quickly, this product will pool on the bottom of the bottle instead of staying fully mixed.

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Creatine is a well researched supplement with decades of science to back it up. If you aren’t sure what it does, Creatine is a naturally existing amino acid that our bodies make. It is found in red meat, fish, and chicken. Once in the body, creatine is made into adenosine triphosphate, which your body uses as energy.

This is why creatine usage is so widespread. Your body can only make so much ATP. Taking creatine boosts your bodies ability to store/make energy, which, in turn, means heavier lifts and better output at the gym.

SX-7 Revolution is one of the best creatine products I have taken. My individual lifts have skyrocketed since I started taking this products, without any of the usual side effects. There is no loading phase and no bloating, which is fantastic.


As of June 2021, you can buy a 50 serving container of Cell-Tech SX-7 Revolution Creatine at GNC for $49.99 or through Amazon for $19.99. This works out to roughly $1/serving at GNC and .39/serving through Amazon. It is worth noting that Amazon is cheaper, while GNC can be same day and give you reward points.

Other outlets may also vary in price, so shop around.


One of my major complaints for Cell-Tech SX-7 is that this product settles if you do not drink it fast enough. It can also be a bit thick if you don’t add in enough water and shake well. None of these are really a deal breaker, but it definitely is something to be aware of.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking for a new way to ingest creatine or are new to the creatine world, this product is a must have. With multiple types of creatine involved, the rate of absorption is generally much higher. This product is a fantastic addition to an existing stack.

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