There’s no question that exercise has numerous benefits, both physical and mental. But despite its advantages, it can take a toll on your body when done improperly. 

If you’re struggling to adequately recover from your workouts, it may be a sign that you need to rethink your post-workout routine.

If you have your post exercise stretching down and already have a quick absorbing protein stacked alongside a simple carb after each session, it might be worth looking into compression technology. With its numerous advancements in recent years, many are turning to compression technology for relief.

Compression tech can not only ease your recovery but boost your performance overall. 

What is Compression Technology?

Compression essentially refers to the process of applying controlled pressure to specific parts of the body. In most cases, this is done by wearing socks or other specially tailored clothing to increase pressure at the ends of your arms or legs. Today, compression garments come in a range of styles, including socks, shorts and sleeves. Newer forms of compression technology often consist of a device that uses pressurized air to target a specific part of the body that needs relief. 

But how does compression technology actually work? By applying pressure, these garments increase blood circulation throughout your body and help your lymphatic system operate more efficiently. This improved flow helps your body push blood through the circulatory system, thus delivering more oxygen to the areas that have been pushed to their limits during your last workout. With the oxygen comes additional nutrients that may also aid in your recovery. 

The Benefits of Using Compression Technology

Let’s delve deeper into the benefits of slipping on compression clothing after your next workout. Here’s how compression affects your training performance and subsequent recovery. 

Compression Technology and Overall Performance

Some researchers have found that compression technology likely improves overall athletic performance, largely due to the added blood flow they promote. Compression garments in particular can force blood to the areas under the most strain, providing them with more oxygen and leading to increased endurance. 

Additionally, the garments’ tightness may provide additional stability to joints like knees or shoulders, both of which are susceptible to injury. You may even find this extra support more comfortable, further improving your performance. 

The Effects of Compression Technology on Recovery

The extra oxygen flowing through your veins thanks to a compression garment is largely what will speed up your post-workout recovery. Without enough oxygen, your body will begin to produce lactate that it can turn into energy. However, not all of this lactate will be used; too much leftover lactate is what causes your muscles to be sore the next morning. Sufficient oxygen means your body won’t need to produce excess lactate, so you’ll arrive at your next workout with minimal pain. 

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