Get Protein Fast While On The Move

Do you struggle to get the necessary protein needed for muscle growth?

If you live a busy lifestyle or are away from home a lot, it can be hard to know how to take in more protein. Knowing the best quick protein snacks to carry helps build the best body you can at all times. 

Luckily, preparing your protein is extremely easy and efficient. Below, we discuss our favorite foods for fast protein on the go. 

Jerky and Biltong

Beef jerky and biltong are two very similar products. They are both air-dried beef slices, usually cut into small, easy-to-carry slices that come packeted like chips.

Biltong is a South African recipe using a special blend of spices to cure, while jerky has roots in South American cuisine. 

Both of these pack a huge protein punch, as they are essentially dehydrated pieces of beef. Part of the preservation process is the use of salt, so they can leave you feeling a little dried out. Make sure you have plenty of fluids after eating to balance this out. 


Nuts are not only a quick protein snack but a fantastic source of energy.

In addition, packets of trail mix come in such a wide variety that it is hard to visit a supermarket and not find ones you like. They can come mixed with everything from raisins to chocolate chips to help vary your snacking regime. 

Peanuts have the most protein (despite not actually technically being a nut) though they are only marginally ahead of the others. Almonds, cashews, and pistachios all come a close second.

Natural Yogurt

Natural yogurt is another easy to transport protein on the go food, as it can come in small pots that sit neatly in your lunchbox. Not only does it contain a lot of protein, but it is also very low in fat. 

For some people, natural, unsweetened yogurt can be a little too bitter. If this is the case, then spoon it into small plastic containers. Squeeze over natural honey, so you have control of the sugar levels.

Avoid manufactured sweetened products, as they often contain high amounts of refined sugar. 

Fast Protein Energy Bites

Energy bites take a little more preparation than the other products, which can be bought off the shelf. They combine nut butter and your choice of other ingredients like seeds and nuts, into a tasty sweet ball of protein. They keep for a long time and you don’t even need to bake them. 

You do need to make them yourself though. Search online for a recipe and prepare them before you start your journey.

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Cottage Cheese 

Cottage cheese gets an astounding 69% of its calorie intake from protein.

As a very low-fat option, it can be one of your best friends when trying to make gains. Use it to pack out whole wheat sandwiches, or simply keep a plastic tub of it on hand to eat to satisfy your appetite.  

Get Your Diet Right

Once you know quick sources of protein, you are on your way! A good diet full of enough protein is more important than the work you put in when exercising.

Nail the diet outside the gym, and the progress in the gym will explode. With this balanced approach and snacking in check, you can be sure to maximize your gains. 

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