Opti-Greens 50: Do Something Positive For Your Gut Health

Opti-Greens 50: Do Something Positive For Your Gut Health
Opti-Greens 50 Can

Most people take their gut health for granted. Collectively, our western diets are full of all sorts of things that make life hard for our gut to do its job.

Metabolically, our intestinal tract (aka ‘the Gut’) is just as active as our brains, and performs a ton of incredibly important functions.

Think about it. After food leaves our stomach in a semi broken down state, it winds through our small intestine, which grinds it down and absorbs nutritional value and water. Then, it is off to the large intestine which pulls out any remaining water and nutrients before the undigestible parts are removed from the body.

Our intestinal tract is helped along by billions and trillions of bacteria (aka the Microbiome) that live within it, helping to break down food in a symbiotic relationship (This is where pre-biotics and pro-biotics come into play).

When we consume things that are not good for us/the bacteria, the entire tract can be thrown out of whack, leaving us in states ranging from inefficient digestion and absorption to severe discomfort and multiple trips to the bathroom.

It’s super important, regardless of if you are a pro athlete or an average working class person, to make sure that your microbiome is functioning properly by feeding your body, and by extension the bacteria living within it, what it needs.

Key Ingredients

Opti-Greens 50 Label

Knowing you need to take care of yourself is one thing. But, how do you do that, and what is in Opti-Greens 50 that can help?

For starters, Opti-Greens has a ton of nutrients in it. Like, a lot. We are talking 50 ingredients. It has everything from fruits to veggies to even some grasses.

Look for yourself. It’s a huge list! — >

More nutrients being consumed AND absorbed = a much more efficient system.

It has a superfood complex, ingredients for glycemic balance, phytonutrients, a whole bunch of plant enzymes, and even a probiotic blend in there.

All in all, that is a whopper of a blend.

Quality of the flavor and texture


It’s a green supplement, so there’s that. It is, however, berry flavored which makes it taste better than most other green powders out there that I have tried.

Mix it with Orange Juice and maybe even the Opti-Reds 50 product and it’s actually pretty bangin’.


Honestly, it isn’t too bad. Mix it with 8oz of juice or water and it’s pretty smooth. Just a residual bit of chalkiness at the bottom of the cup if left sitting too long.

Drink it quick, and you won’t even notice.


What does it do, though? Well, for starters, it helps your microbiome thrive. More good bacteria helping digest food = more efficient absorption of nutrients from the food.

One enormous benefit for me is that a single serving of Opti-Green 5 equals 11 servings of vegetables.

That is enormous for me. I generally don’t get enough vegetables in my diet because, well, I don’t like most of them (Sorry, Mom. Ha.), so being able to pull in extra greens without eating bag after bag of lettuce and entire heads of broccoli is huge.

That isn’t to say you can avoid eating vegetables by any means. It is a *supplement* after all, not a substitution.

The phytonutrient blend contains tons of antioxidants in it, all of which help remove free radicals, boost your immune system, and help with your metabolism.

Finally, Plant enzymes help to break down food a bit better.

Overall, since beginning on Opti-Greens I have noticed less bloat and far more natural energy.


You can buy Opti-Greens 50 from the 1st Phorm site. You can buy it here: Click!

A 30 day supply will run you $59.99, which turns out to be $1.99 per serving.

That price places it right in the center of the field in terms of cost.


Honestly, my one complaint about the product is that it only comes in 30 day servings. I wish they had bigger bottles. Of course, if you subscribe to monthly shipments of Opti-Greens 50, you get a discount.

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