Sedentary Lifestyles are Silent Killers

Achy joints, poor mobility, quickly getting out of breath. All signs of someone who works a sedentary office job.

It’s all reversable without changing career paths.

Take It From Someone Who Knows

I have a family and work a desk job, so I understand the difficulty and minset associated with getting up and moving.


Desk jobs aren’t known for being held by fit people.


Parents struggle with making fitness a priority.


Sedentary lifestyles destroy natural range of motion.


Low muscle mass causes pain in disparate areas of the body.


Walking around doesn’t have to mean out of breath.


All of these can dramatically reduce confidence.

Do the Hard Stuff​

Ever get approached by a trainer who looks like the only time they spend in the gym is while working? Trainers and fitness bloggers who don’t practice what they preach is not a good look.

Holding Tricep Bar - BW Photo
Pushing A Sled At The Gym

Numbers Speak

People like numbers, so here’s some stats to understand where I am coming from

Years of Experience

Working out in the gym, Years in the Marine Corps, and self research.


Currently certified in Bodybuilding, Sports Nutrition, Corrective Exercise, and Personal Training.

Separate Pathways

Custom training and advisory services are both available to help get you where you want to be.

Standing in front of a barbell in a tanktop

Getting Going

It’s hard to get up and get moving. You have to change your mindset, adjust your schedule, and put in a lot of effort. Everything will hurt for a few days. Family and friends will ask what you are doing.

You WILL be uncomfortable for awhile.

“You’re really selling me on this.” Just laying out the facts so you know what to expect.

If you are sick of achy joints, pain getting in and out of your car due to tight muscles or joints, or getting winded walking up and down the stairs, let’s go.