Are you:
Over 30?
With kids?
Always tired?

Get back to the shape you want to be.

What’s going on?

It’s no secret that your thirties are a bit… different… than your twenties. Once upon a time you could eat two large pizzas, down a two liter, maybe drink a 30 rack, stay out until 3am, and still make it to the gym at 5.

Your thirties don’t let you do that. Plus, life is busy now. You have a job and maybe a family. You have responsibilities.

Maybe you spent most of your late twenties trying to get set up for life and let your physical health go. Happens to the best of us. Or, maybe you never cared about exercise until the aches and pains started.

Now you want to get back in shape for various reasons.

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I Get It.

I’ve been there. The thoughts of being: Too skinny. Too big. Not strong enough. Way past my prime. {Insert intrusive thought here.}

And I’ve learned how to make the transformations needed to get rid of them. Never settling, but always improving.

Let me help you, too.

P.S. I work a desk job, I’m over 30, and I have kids. I get the mentality that you cannot work in an office, be over 30, or have kids and still be fit. It’s absolutely possible to do it all.

Brandon (Owner and Founder, Lead Trainer)

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