“Life is Short. Lift Heavy Things.”
When we stop moving, we grow old. Keep moving, even when you don’t want to.

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> 80% of Americans don’t get enough exercise.

> 71% of Americans are classified as overweight.

> 31% of Americans are classified as obese
Don’t be a statistic

The average person spends more time sitting on a couch or desk chair than they do moving.

Our children sit through eight-ten hours a day in school, often without a single recess or gym period.

Older folks suffer from a decrease in their overall range-of-motion, due to age a reduction in movement.

Children are developing health issues that could be avoided through movement.

Some people don’t care.

Others think there is no hope that they will ever feel good.

Collectively we just don’t know fitness really isn’t hard, or that the benefits outweigh the effort; that a proper, well rounded fitness regimen can literally be life changing.

I’m guessing you are here because you believe it can.

You don’t want to be ‘average.’

You want to thrive, and by coming to this site you have already taken your first step.

Personally built plans

Hand crafted, personalized fitness programs built from your own goals, delivered straight to your inbox.

Pre-built workouts

Don’t want the personal effect? That’s OK. We have a deep reservoir of pre-built workouts for you to choose from.

Free resources

Just looking for some quick information to structure your own program? We’ve been there.

Looking for product reviews? We’ve got you there, too.

Nutritional guidance

Need some guidance on what to put on your plate? Let us help you.

Product reviews

I’ve been around the supplement block once or twice, and can steer you clear of what may and may not work for you, saving you money.

Injury recovery

Let us point you to exercises and corrective actions that can help strengthen weak points, fix bad form, and help you recover so you can get back to what you love


From high school sports, through almost a decade in the USMC, to my own time in the gym this morning, I have tried lots of things in the realm of fitness.

Diets? Been there.

Fitness concepts? Tried most of them.

Supplements? I know what to avoid.

Injury recovery? Been there as well.

There is a depth of knowledge that comes from years of trial and error, self learning, and formal training, that cannot be replicated by someone who went through a three month certification course, like quite a few of the trainers you find in most gyms.

Let’s begin

If you are ready to get started, have a goal in mind, and want to take a step towards a better you, hit that button below and let’s see what we can get accomplished together.

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