Move better. Feel better. Live better.
Muscle and Mobility are the keys.

A few words

About me

As someone who also works an office job and has children, I get the mindset that it is impossible to take care of everything you need too and stay fit. I used to think that. I am proof that it is possible. You just need some guidance and to put in the work.

15+ years in the gym, 9 years in the Marine Corps, and years of sports gives me quite a bit of experience to dig through and know what works and what doesn’t.

This project was started with the idea of helping people during COVID lockdowns get active, but has since morphed into a project to help YOU look, feel, and move better.

Joints hurt from sitting all day? Winded walking up the stairs? Stiff joints make getting in/out of your car hard? You are in the right place.


Dedication. Discipline. Progress

For one reason or another, the fitness world has always left out certain segments of society (office workers, folks with sedentary jobs, nerds, etc.), never reaching out to them to help or actively mocking them for whatever reason.

Those communities have traditionally struggled with their health due to lifestyle and a feeling that fitness is not for them. That healthy living is unreachable for them.

The world isn’t getting any better. You never know when your overall fitness will come into play.

Make that money while seated your desk, but be sure your mobility and health do not suffer.