For one reason or another, the fitness world has always left out certain segments of society (office workers, folks with sedentary jobs, nerds, and people who traditionally have been left out of the fitness world), never reaching out to them to help. Those communities have traditionally struggled with their health due to lifestyle and a feeling that fitness is not for them, that it is toxic, and that it is unreachable for them. And who can honestly blame them, based on some of the things ‘influencers’ portray on their social media.

I started this project with the goal of being a creative outlet for me, but the lockdowns starting in 2020 really made me focus on growing it out to help people hit their fitness and nutrition goals while locked in their homes while giving them a community of support.

I realized that the lockdowns were an opportunity to reach those folks who needed help but didn’t know where to start or how they could get there on their own. I wanted people to be able to get into shape while stuck at home. Now that we are generally free to move around again, that extends out to the gym and every day life as well.

Stack in that fitness can help reduce your chances of contracting various diseases, illnesses, and ailments alongside the last two years, and you can see why I really started building this up.

The world isn’t getting any better after all. You never know when your fitness can literally save your life.

With CONDITIONerd Fitness, we’re going to change people’s habits so they live better, healthier, stronger lives; improve confidence; reduce their risk of various lifestyle- and nutritionally-based diseases and ailments; and most importantly: feel great!

We are going to strengthen communities.

15+ years in the gym, 9 years in the Marine Corps, and years of sports gives me quite a bit of experience to dig through and know what works and what doesn’t.

As someone who also works an office job and has children, I get the mindset that it is impossible to take care of everything you need too and stay fit. I used to think that. I am proof that it is possible. You just need some guidance and to put in the work.

Pushing A Sled At The Gym
Holding Tricep Bar - BW Photo