About Me


The world is crazy.
Fitness is essential.

Every day, the world gets worse. Crime, natural disasters, pandemics.

You never know when your fitness can literally save your life.

My goal is to help people get themselves to a better place today, in preparation for tomorrows challenges.

That doesn’t just end with fitness. I want to help build stronger communities by growing stronger, better people, and I strive to be a model for my clients to do just that.

15+ years in the gym, 9 years in the Marine Corps, and years of sports gives me quite a bit of experience to dig through and know what works and what doesn’t.

I also work an office job and have children, so I get the mindset that it is impossible to do those things and still be fit. It’s not true, though. You can absolutely work a desk job or have kids and still hit the gym!

Whether you are looking to get bigger, stronger, faster, or just move better, there is a place for you here.

Holding Tricep Bar - BW Photo

Nutrition. Movement. Recovery. Water. Sleep

Pushing A Sled At The Gym
Black and White Tricep Press