Cellucor C4 Extreme Review

Everyone has days where they are struggling more than usual to get going, especially in the gym. In fact, an entire industry has grown up around that idea. Pre-workouts are as prevalent in fitness circles these days, as protein shakes are.

With all of the pre-workouts available, what differentiates the C4 line? Is C4 Extreme pre-workout worth a try?

As a note, C4 Extreme isn’t the ‘entry level’ product in the Cellucor line. It is the next step up from C4 Original, in terms of potency. If you don’t need a ton of caffeine to get going, this version might be a bit overkill for you.


While it has a bit more caffeine in it, that isn’t the selling point for this specific version of C4 in my opinion. Where this product really shines is its ability to help with overall endurance and focus.

Cellucor C4 Extreme seems to have ditched some of the vitamins and minerals found in the original product list. To compensate for ditching them, it has increased some of the remaining ingredients a bit and added Huperzine A, and Citruline Nitrate.

Ingredient C4 Extreme C4 Original
Caffeine 200mg150mg
Tyrosine 200mg?
Huperzine A 50mcgNone
Beta Alanine 2g1.6g
Citruline Nitrate 1gNone
Creatine Nitrate 1g1g

Huperzine A helps with memory and alertness, while Citruline Nitrate helps widen blood vessels and increase blood flow. Additionally, the tyrosine addition gives extra help in the focus category.


C4 Extreme Back Label

The flavor profiles in the Extreme version are slightly different than the original line. Fruit punch, which happens to be my favorite flavor in the original line, for example, is much different in the Cellucor C4 Extreme version.

You would expect fruit punch to taste like, well, fruit punch. Instead, this variation tastes closer to a pink lemonade, and has an incredibly light pink color, as opposed to the deep red found in the original products recipe. I might purchase another bottle in the future to see if I bought a mislabeled formula. It could just be how they make the C4 Extreme fruit punch flavor.

Fruit punch is one of the most disliked flavors of the Extreme formula, however.

The most popular flavors in this line seem to be ‘Icy Blue Razz’ and ‘Green Apple.’ Both of those flavors scored much higher in review forums than the others by a long shot.


C4 Extreme Inside Bottle

If you have tried any of the C4 pre-workout line, this is the exact same consistency. Put in at least 4oz of water, mix well, and you will have a very smooth beverage. If you mix it with less than that, you have a grainy beverage, but that it par for the course with powdered drink mixes.

200mg of caffeine is enough caffeine to drive most people up the wall, in terms of energy. For some people, it might be enough to cause some jitters, as something to be aware of. There are about 100mg of caffeine in one cup of coffee, as a reference.

While the product boasts more caffeine, where it really shines is with the focus that it creates. I usually take this around 5:15 in the morning. 10-15 minutes later, my mental focus is insane. I get hyper focused on whatever I am doing. I do have to be aware of how fast I am moving in order to keep proper tempo while lifting, though, as something to be aware of.


When I get into the gym and actually start working out, the pumps this product give is enormous. If I don’t start working out shortly after it kicks in, I feel like my muscles are going to explode.


My major complaint about this product is that I got accustomed to it too quickly. Something about the product made it lose its potency, at least in my case, before the bottle was completely gone. I am fairly immune to overall effects of caffeine, though, so maybe my body is just crazy.


Cellucor C4 Extreme can currently be bought (Dec 2019) from GNC or wherever you buy your supplements for $34.99/30 servings. That works out to about $1.16/serving, which is actually a bit cheaper than comparable products.

Cellucor C4 Extreme

I am generally resistant to the effects of caffeine, but, as I wrote on my review of C4 Original, the Cellucor brand has really helped me during my workouts with energy, focus, and overall pump.

If you are struggling with your current pre-workout and need to change it up, this product might be a good place to look. If you are new to pre-workouts, though, this product probably isn’t where you should start, from an overall caffeine perspective.

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