Phormula-1 and Ignition Post Workout Review

If you are here, you have probably heard the hype about 1st Phorm, and are wondering about the Phormula-1/Ignition stack. With 1st Phorm only shipping from their site and it (generally) not being found in stores, there really is no ‘good’ way to sample without ordering, unless you know someone who happens to share with you, so the next best thing is an honest review.

1st Phorm protein isn’t your run-of-the-mill, find-it-in-any-store kind. Think high-quality. Think next-level performance. A superior protein with a customer service department that is easy to reach and very friendly offering you a 110% money-back guarantee!

What’s more? They care. They genuinely do. Handwritten thank you notes are their thing. The little things that most companies have abandoned nowadays are big things to 1st Phorm. That is how you build a brand—through care, quality, and unrivaled service.

Phormula-1 and Ignition are meant to be taken together: Phormula-1 being a post workout protein and Ignition being a glucose beverage meant to help kickstart recovery and bring protein into your muscles.

Key Ingredients

Let’s break this down into two sections since I am talking about a stack here.


Phormula-1 nutrition label

This is a pretty clean protein, all things considered.

100 Calories

3g Carbohydrates

20g Protein

Phormula-1 isn’t just a protein. It’s an upgrade. It is a whey based protein, although they do offer vegan formula (under the name of Vegan Power Pro) as well as a natural formula that does not have artificial sweeteners.

The product undergoes low-temperature processing which is how it keeps from turning into a gritty mess.

As a comparison, think of cooking an egg; the liquid-to-solid transformation is called ‘denaturation’ and that is what low temperature processing avoids. The last thing you want is for your protein shake to feel like a sandy beverage, right? Exactly.


Ignition nutrition label

Ignition has far more stuff in it than Phormula-1 does.

170 Calories

43g Carbs, all of which are sugars

Looking at the label, there are tons of vitamins and minerals included in the formula alongside pure dexanhydrous glucose.

That sounds cool, but what on Earth is dexanhydrous glucose? First off, it’s a monosaccharide, which means it’s a simple sugar.

Why is that a good thing? Because your body can break it down much faster than polysaccharides, into your blood stream faster, and on the way to muscles before pretty much anything else you eat.

The faster it hits the muscles, the faster their glucose levels are replenished (plus the other nutrients help, too!). Throw in the protein from Phormula-1 which is absorbed much faster thanks to the glucose boost, and recovery is kicked into high gear!

Flavor and Texture

Bro, when I tell you that some powders are disgusting you know I’m not lying. Some are absolute garbage.

I can almost guarantee that, regardless of your taste buds, there is a flavor of Phormula-1 for you.

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Ignition itself is unflavored. It’s literally just (almost) tasteless powdered sugar (for lack of a better description) meant to be added into whatever flavor Phormula-1 you go with. It’s complimentary. And awesome.

Phormula-1, on the other hand, has tons of flavors to pick from.

Personally, I love the Root Beer float flavor. It’s a strangely delicious mix that really tastes like Root Beer. Their Loop D Fruit tastes exactly like the milk from a bowl of Fruit Loops (same for the CTC, except for Cinnamon Toast Crunch), Fruit Punch is a better version of Kool-Aid, and their Orange Dreamsicle tastes exactly like you would imagine if you pulled it out of a freezer on a hot summer day. If you enjoy any of those things, go buy this. NOW!

I can’t speak to their Natural flavor line as I haven’t personally tried many of them, but if they follow suit I imagine they are delicious as well.



Ignition is pretty much just low temperature processed pure monosaccharide glucose, which means that you have to do absolutely nothing to digest it. It’s super fine powder, which means it also mixes incredibly easy.

Phormula-1 is low temperature processed. That means that it is not nearly as denatured as other brands who ‘cook’ their protein shakes at a higher temperature in order to speed along production and make higher quantities (often in order to produce a cheaper product that caters to people on a budget).

Being low temp processed means it isn’t gritty at all, unlike what you might find on the shelves at the box store. If you can imagine a very smooth shake from another brand, I can almost guarantee this one bests it.


I have used the Phormula-1 / Ignition for a few years now and it has not disappointed. If you follow the ‘1g protein per bodyweight pound’ rule AND the ‘near immediate protein refeed after a workout’ rule, this will go miles to get you there.

Throw in that the super fast absorbing glucose and easy to digest protein are some of the fastest to reach your muscles on the market, and it’s a gold mine for progress in a liquid that won’t make you toss your cookies while you choke it down. This stuff is an absolutely effective treasure.


Possibly my biggest (only?) complaint about these products lies in how they are packaged. It’s similar to the hot dog vs hot bog bun count debate. 10 hot dogs in a package, but only 8 buns? C’mon, man. Ha.

21 servings of Ignition per bottle compared to the 32 servings of Phormula-1 per bottle. Granted, if you take one scoop of Phormula-1, you should only take half a scoop of Ignition which ‘gains’ you a 42 serving bottle. (Insider tip, fyi.)

Regardless, I would like for them to be equal servings. Or just mix them together from the start.

Either way. That’s really my only complaint about the stack. Literally.


Currently, you can purchase a 32 day supply (1 scoop per day) of Phormula-1 directly from the site for $64.99 and a 21 day supply of Ignition (1 scoop per day) for $27.99, individually.


You can buy them together for $82.99

Final Thoughts

This is quite possibly the BEST post-workout protein that I have ever tried. It tastes good, is effective, and mixes fantastically. You need to go order a tub or two of this. Plus, they have a 110% money back guarantee, so if you don’t like it, send it back.

If you can’t seem to find a quality post workout stack that actually tastes good AND is effective, pick up a tub of these. Definitely worthwhile to try out.

To check out Phormula-1 w/ Ignition (or any of their other fantastic products), and get FREE SHIPPING, use this link:

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