GNC Megamen Sport Multivitamin Review

Everyone always talks about how you need to take a multivitamin; especially if you have a less than ideal diet (a.k.a. most of western society). Of course there will always be naysayers to that concept, but I believe there is some merit to it.

If you put the wrong fuel in a gas tank, does the engine run? Maybe at first, but the engine becomes inefficient and eventually stops running. The human body is remarkably resilient, but the same concept applies to us. People who eat well nutritionally might not *need* a multi vitamin, but those who don’t follow a healthier diet still need those nutrients. Even if you do eat well, there are probably some nutritional gaps in your diet, and you would benefit from a multi.

Nutrition is very important to overall health and fitness, so taking a supplement that would provide you with necessary vitamins and minerals honestly makes sense. Most people use a multivitamin as a way to cover any dietary gaps they may have.

Not all multivitamins are created, however. There are some superior, some good, some bad, and some awful products out there. Like most GNC products, MegaMen Sport falls somewhere in the upper middle arena. It might not be top of the line, but MegaMen Sport has a good balance of ingredients and quality checks; implying it is at least a worthy competitor.

It also has some pretty good review. Check out the GNC site and read them over yourself.

Key Ingredients

As it currently stands, the MegaMen Sport line is on par with most competitors. It has all the required nutrients you will find in most multivitamins. Here is the label as it is today (June, 2019) directly from GNC’s site:

MegaMen Sport label 2
MegaMen Sport Label2

Looking over the product list, it’s a pretty fancy formula. This product has a little bit of everything: vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

The thing that sets this line apart from other brands is that it is specifically targeted at athletic males. The ‘sports blend’ is a pretty well rounded mix of nutrients. Most (if not all) of those ingredients have good amounts of clinical trials behind them as well. While most of the ingredients in this particular line, outside of the necessary vitamins and minerals, probably won’t be of much use to other groups, having an athlete focused ingredient list is nice.

One notable thing about the ingredient list is this: While the included BCAAs and creatine pre-cursors are a cool addition, they don’t really come in levels high enough to provide any real benefits.

To contrast that point, the joint support ingredients (MSM, HA, etc.) are a nice touch that probably do help the majority of people who take this; especially those who happen to be highly active.

The chromium (glucose transfer), carnitine (fatty acid metabolization), and a few other additions are also fantastic inclusions for a sports supplement.


MegaMen sport tablets near wall with bottle

Overall, I would say that the quality is there for this product. In fact, I would make that statement about pretty much any GNC product. The ingredients in this particular vitamin seem to work for me. Additionally, each serving appears to have decent levels of nutrients (but some are admittedly a bit overkill).

I have rarely ever seen a damaged tablet come out of the bottle and packaging has never been a problem with GNC products, nonetheless any MegaMen Sport multivitamins.

The actual product has to go through tons of quality checks before it is even packaged, so I know that the company is at least cognizant of product safety. That is a huge plus in comparison to a few other less trustworthy vendors (most of which are third world manufacturers).


Getting the proper nutrients in your body does wonders. Everything from how your body functions to how clear your skin is and how well you sleep revolve around nutrition. Slight deficiencies can ruin an otherwise well rounded fitness regimen.

After taking this product for a year or so, I have to say that my skin has cleared up quite a bit and my immune system seemed to have fluctuated a bit during the short periods that I did not take it. Could it be coincidence? Sure, but proper nutrient consumption has been linked to helping in both of those areas so the evidence is at least circumstantial.


Too much of something can be a bad thing. In the case of this particular multivitamin, it is possible that, for some people, the levels of certain nutrients within it are too high.

Consuming too much Vitamin A, B6, or D can cause some complications in certain groups of people, for example. Although this hasn’t been my case, it is just something to be aware of with multivitamins containing high levels of nutrients.

Of course, this particular line is put through numerous safety and quality checks prior to being sold; so it is a generally safe product.

This also happens to come in tablet form, and not capsule. That makes it a bit harder for your body to break down/absorb the nutrients within it. That is most likely why there are such high levels of various ingredients included, which means a large amount of nutrients may just flow through your system without ever being absorbed. That is a huge downside of tablets compared to capsules.

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Currently, you can purchase MegaMen Sport from GNC for $37.99/90 day supply. That works out to roughly .42 a day. A few other comparable multivitamins are a bit cheaper, as are most things not branded for a company like GNC. This line is definitely par for the course, however.

Side Notes

As with any supplement, read the label before you take it. If there is anything you or your doctor see on it that could impact your current medications or health, don’t use it.

MegaMen Sport is aimed at the active community, and it’s ingredients might be overkill for those who are not super active.


Overall, this product is a pretty decent competitor in the multivitamin sphere. Everything about the product seems to be fairly decent quality and the price is on par with its main competitors.

Anyone looking for a good multivitamin would do well to look at the MegaMen line, even if the Sport version isn’t exactly what they are looking for. Their ‘original’ MegaMen line is more than sufficient for the average person, but if you are an athletic male this is a good option.

Hope you enjoyed this GNC Megamen Sport review!

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