GNC AMP Wheybolic Review: Is it worth it?

GNC AMP Wheybolic Review: Is it worth it?

Wheybolic Jug and a Shaker bottle

Let’s be honest. Some protein supplements are gross. There are some pre-mixed beverages that are nasty, some powders that have more carbohydrates than they do actual protein, and even a few products out there are completely inedible for most of us.

Most, however, have a decent set of ingredients, a good consistency, or might even taste OK. The GNC AMP Wheybolic line falls into that category. Wheybolic has a good set of ingredients, a fantastic consistency, and even a few unicorn flavor profiles.

I honestly like the Wheybolic line, but it does have a few negatives.

Key Ingredients

As of May 2019, this is what the label looks like. Nothing extraordinary in there, but the lineup does seem to make more sense than a few other brands. The 20g of protein per scoop is about on par with other brands and products.

Wheybolic Label
Image from GNC

They add a decent amount of BCAA’s (branched chain amino acids) into the formula, which makes the product more effective than lots of other powders, some of which don’t have a trace of them.

Quality of the flavor and texture

I have had some pretty gritty powders before, even when shaken well. Others have a horribly fake flavor that makes you grit your teeth and choke it down, hoping you finish the tub quickly. The faster you can get away from those the better!

Some are incredibly thick, while other powders are actually quite pleasant all around in the texture and flavor categories.

Wheybolic generally falls into that last category.

Downwards view of the inside of a GNC Wheybolic container


Every protein manufacturer has their good and bad flavors. When it comes to the GNC Wheybolic line, GNC either nailed it or butchered the flavor terribly. There is no in between with this line. The Salted Caramel is fantastic. In fact, compared to most other lines, I believe that the Salted Caramel flavor is light years ahead.

A few others are fantastic as well (Chocolate Fudge, Cookies and Cream, looking at you).

Their ‘natural’ flavors, however, are not so good. There is nothing ‘natural’ about those flavors. They taste incredibly fake with a long, drawn out artificial sweetener aftertaste.

Other flavors, such as ‘Fruity Crisps’ and ‘Banana Milkshake’ lie outside of anything I am willing to try. Memories of other powders (‘Birthday Cake’ Combat Powder, especially) fly at me when I think about them and I can’t force myself to even consider them. Might not be fair to the manufacturer, but it shows how scarred I am from that single tub! Nonetheless, it shows how broad this lines flavor profiles go.


Texture wise, GNC nailed it in my opinion. Add the recommended amount of water or milk to the powder and shake. Wheybolic is smooth and goes down pretty easy. They did change their formula last year and the newer formula is slightly less smooth than it used to be, but it is still very good, texture wise.

Wheybolic Jug and a Shaker bottle 2

I like to mix it with water and it still maintains the consistency of whole milk. Nothing more, nothing less. When mixed with milk, it is about the same as a mostly melted milkshake. Grittiness is almost none existent as long as I shake it well. Since it mixes incredibly easy, it is very rare to find powder balls or clumps in my shakes.


Wheybolic has actually given me some fairly decent overall gain in terms of lean mass.

It also seems to have helped shorten my recovery time, which speaks to the BCAA additions.

Additionally, since the supplement is very low on carbohydrates and fats, it is easy to fit a shake in without crushing macros or using up too many calories. The (comparatively) low calorie count is nice, too.


GNC AMP Wheybolic can be bought online or in store for $59.99 $64.99 per 3.39lb tub, which is a bit pricey. (It was $59.99 when I started writing this review).

The quality is generally there, but the price is a bit higher than it honestly should be. You are, after all, paying for the brand when it comes to most supplements.


My biggest problem with this product line lies with the flavors. Some are absolutely terrible. ‘Natural’ chocolate, for example, tastes nothing like what I would expect anything ‘natural’ to taste like.

Additionally, the price per tub is pretty high. There are comparable products out there for cheaper. The quality is nice, the price is not.

Final Thoughts

Overall the quality of the GNC AMP Wheybolic line is pretty good, the flavor profiles aren’t terrible, and the consistency isn’t too thick. The line is generally clear of extra additions, keeping the overall fat and carbohydrate counts per scoop low. First glance through continued usage put the product squarely in the middle-upper side of the road. It isn’t perfect, but it’s better than most other protein products.

Is it a miracle product? Not anymore than any other protein/item you can buy from the store, but it will definitely help you get where you are going. That is, if you want to shell out the money for it. I would at least recommend trying this product if you are looking for a good whey supplement.