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CONDITIONerd blends health, wellness, and fitness for men who are balancing work and family life but struggling with purpose. Our founder brings a unique perspective with over 15 years in fitness, service in the Marine Corps, and a sports background, offering a tailored approach to achieving physical and personal excellence despite life’s demands.

Our values

Our Core Values



We believe in finding a balance between personal greatness, family, and your profession.



Our extensive experience in the gym, military, and sports enables us to provide proven strategies for success.



A sense of purpose propels men towards new heights and well-being, so helping you find yours is our goal.

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Why Choose Us

Why Choose CONDITIONerd

We distinguish ourselves through what we bring:

Fitness Tailored to You

Our offerings are crafted for men feeling lost in the hustle, especially those over 30. We align with your fast-paced life and commitments, ensuring your path to optimal health and success is realistic and sustainable.

Personalized Guidance

Receive one-on-one support from our experienced coaches who understand your challenges.

Overall Lifestyle Changes

Our approach goes beyond simply physical health, helping men determined to redefine their lives. CONDITIONerd’s programs encourage positive lifestyle transformations that improve physical wellness but also enhance the broader aspects of life, putting you on a direct path to peak success and personal fulfillment.

What Our Clients Say

As a software developer chained to my desk, my lifestyle took a toll on my health. But I’ve built a new way of life where my wellness is in the code I live by. The CONDITIONerd approach has been a game-changer. I’m tackling my health goals without dropping the ball on my other duties.

– Steve B.

I felt lost and without purpose after transitioning from military to civilian life. The comprehensive approach here didn’t just rejuvenate my physical health; it gave me a new mission. I’ve found a renewed sense of purpose and am in the best place of my life, both mentally and physically

– Ben W.

I’m an accountant who battles joint pain and limited mobility and found a way to blend fitness seamlessly into my packed schedule thanks to this program. It’s been transformative, and I encourage anyone wrestling with similar challenges to give it a try.

– Jeff S.

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